2016 Rebelle Rally


Shelby Hall and Amy Lerner of Team HD Prepare for the start of the 2016 Rebelle Rally

Shelby Hall, of Reno, Nevada, and Amy Lerner, of Bergen County, New Jersey, will join 70 women from 19 states and 4 countries to participate in the inaugural 2016 Rebelle Rally, presented by Hoehn Adventures. It is the first time Hall, who comes from a legendary off-road racing family, will be the driver-of-record, although she is an experienced off-roader. Lerner is a veteran off-road rally competitor, with notable competitions in Morocco and Australia.
The 10-day, off-road navigation rally raid is the first female-only rally raid in the U.S., with a formal competitive start on Oct. 15, near the spectacular terrain of Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Teams will travel 2,000 kilometers across the American Southwest along a route that covers land primarily managed by the Bureau of Land Management and takes place on legal dirt roads, trails, and OHV areas. The participants will also travel through two National Parks.
“As I approached the Rally, I was nervous as this is the first event I’ve done without my family and support crew,” said Hall, whose grandfather Rod Hall is the winningest-racer of the Baja 1000, “but since I’ve been involved in every step of the process to prepare our vehicle and our team for this challenge, I feel really confident. I feel I have a new connection with the Jeep and with Amy and I am ready!”
Lerner, who will be the team’s primary navigator, is enthused to participate as well; she is very familiar with this type of rally competition. “I’m super excited to be back in competition mode and really happy to have Shelby as a teammate, “ said Lerner. Our sponsors got us set up in a really well equipped vehicle and we are shooting for a podium finish.” The HD’s 2015 Jeep Wrangler is sponsored by BF Goodrich; Bestop; American Expedition Vehicles; A.R.B.; XPEL; Maxtrax; SAMCO Fabrication; and Rod Hall Drive

Designed for production vehicles, the Rebelle will include Time-Speed-Distance sections, hidden waypoints and navigational challenges. GPS is prohibited; competitors find their way using roadbook, map, and compass to get to 8-10 checkpoints each day. The competition portion will end in the desert near the California-Arizona border and wrap up on the shores of the Pacific Ocean with the final Awards Gala, where competitors will wash off the dirt and celebrate in style at the historic Del Mar Racetrack.
A diverse field of vehicles will take to the start on the first day of competition Saturday morning, October 14th, including both new and older models of Land Rovers, Mercedes, Jeeps, and Toyotas in the 4×4 class, and an interesting mix of the new Honda Ridgeline, Porsche Cayenne, and Jaguar F-PACE in the Crossover Class. Jeeps will make a strong presence in the first time event with 16 total ranging from a 1982 Scrambler to a 2016 Rubicon, and a notable showing will also be from Land Rover (6) and Toyota (6).
Amy Lerner is an experienced off-road rally driver and Jeep owner. Amy has had some incredible moments in her Jeep: winning overall production class at the Australasian Safari Rally; being the first woman to win a Dakar Challenge race; being part of the first American team in the top ten at Morocco’s Rallye Aicha des Gazelles; and having a chance to drive Jay Leno off road in a Jeep concept vehicle on CNBC’s ‘’Jay Leno’s Garage”. She got to know Shelby while producing a documentary on Rod Hall’s half century of racing and will primarily be navigating at the Rebelle Rally. Amy looks forward to supporting Shelby and using her experiences to make their team as strong as possible in their drive for the podium.
Shelby Hall’s grandfather, off-road racing legend Rod Hall, introduced her to off-roading as soon as she was able to reach a steering wheel. Shelby has been racing with Rod since 2012 and is ready to step out of her racing family’s shadow to tackle her first motorsports event without them. She’s taking on the inaugural Rebelle Rally, a 7-day, off-road navigation rally travelling across the remote and rugged terrain of the American Southwest from Lake Tahoe to San Diego. Shelby will be competing in a 2015 Jeep Wrangler. The Hall family has a long and even historic connection to the Jeep brand. Rod Hall competed in the very first sanctioned off-road race down the Baja Peninsula in 1967, driving a CJ5 to a class win. Rod has had a great impact on the off-road community during his 50-year career and his love of off-road racing carries on through his granddaughter. Knowing that Rod Hall’s support and his legacy are with her as the torch gets passed, Shelby is excited to forge her own path in off-roading.
Feature stories about Team HD, along with team and vehicle images, will appear in JP Magazine; Off Road Adventures Magazine; Motor Matters newspaper syndicate; The Boston Globe; Focus Daily News, Dallas, TX; AskPatty.com; MotorheadMama.com; Be Car Chic; Texas Drive Blog: DriveLine.com; The Motor Mistress; and Bestride.com, among other publications. The team will appear on the following radio shows: In Wheel Time Radio; Let’s Talk Wheels Radio; The Drive Radio’; Driver’s Talk Radio; and SB Nation Radio.
Contact: Sue Mead; suemead@aol.com-413-652-4840.

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