Affordable Luxury~ 2014 Acura TL Special Edition


As a previous Acura owner who drove the Acura Legend for a little over 200,000 miles, getting behind the wheel of the Acura TL was like being in the arms of an old friend, comfortable, snug and pleasant.  Since I mention comfort, let’s talk interior first.  This is a luxury sedan. The TL is spacious and will generously seat five adults.  The backseat has ample space for 3 adults to sit contently.  The front seat offers support and leaves both driver and passenger relaxed and free from constraint.  The overall space of the Acura TL is well planned and extremely space efficient, including an almost hidden charging port in which to charge your phone.

For a brief moment you have to remember that you are in an Acura, designers were lavish with the stitching, the leather, and the thumbrests on an already ideal steering wheel, it would seem that Acura is paying respect to BMW and Mercedes models.  This Acura leaves an impression.


The base form of the Acura TL comes with automatic dual climate control, leather seats, a standard USB iPod/MP3 interface, an audio system with 276 watts, and a infotainment system in high resolution.  Technology package is optional, it will add a rearview camera, and a navigation system with live traffic feeds, rerouting options and weather as well as an upgraded surround sound system.  There is also the ability to start the car without the key (Keyless Access System).

The exterior now has 18-inch wheels, new signage that reads “Special Edition” and a rear spoiler.  Once dubbed the “metallic beak” by the New York Times, the nose of the TL sedan was referred to as a faux pas, likening it to “gladiator gear” and “manga robots.”  I personally think Honda hit the mark and did just they intended to do…….. give the TL some character.  In my opinion, too many cars look the same these days as it seems the engineers are trying to make them all more aero-dynamic.  I can say I actually like the “metallic beak,” and praise Acura for stepping out of the box and continuing their quest for unique features.  Last, I must mention the distinct LED lights, these headlights are also referred to as ‘Jewel Eyes.’  They make driving at night less demanding and had to be one of my favorite features.


The Acura TL provided not just great fuel efficiency but the driving dynamics were spot on.  With the TL you are in for a ride that has BMW salivating.  The TL has an enthusiastic powertrain.  The  special edition has a 3.5-liter V6 engine that has 280 hp and 344 foot lbs of torque.  The motor is easier to control thanks to the engine design that is made of aluminum. The engine is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission which sends power to the front wheels. The vehicle executes turns flawlessly while the ride you get is smooth and fluid.  The aforementioned fuel efficiency gives good gas ratings which were 29 mpg highway and 21 mpg in the city.

The negative that we hear about the Acura TL?  The trunk space.  If the lack of cargo space is the only thing we have to complain about, let’s just mention that there is 13.1 cubic feet of space and move on as I would not think this would be a ‘deal breaker.’

The TL Special Edition model is available in pearly white, crystal black pearl, graphite metallic and bright moon silver metallic colors.  As Acura continues to improve and enhance their vehicles inside and out, the Acura TL has a base price of $36,500, making it affordable luxury.

By Tabatha Moran Chovanetz






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