Ford F-150 Super Crew ~ A Cowboy's Limousine

ford f150

You can say a lot of things about this truck, but what you can’t say is that it is basic.  The Ford F-150 4×4 Super Crew is indeed a work truck…..but it is an extravagant one.  New for 2013, Ford introduces the Limited edition.

The pleasure was all mine, driving around town in this country limousine made me feel more like a rock star than a cowgirl!  The Ford Limited F-150 is big, bold and packaged better than ever.  Speaking of packaged…..Ford likes to give you options, there are engine choices, cab and bed combos, and powertrain choices.  This truck isn’t just built “Ford tough,”  it’s built the way you like it.

New to the Limited edition model is the navigation, HID headlights, rain-sensing wipers, and 22-inch polished wheels.  This trim level will begin around $53,900.  Options that make a nice addition would be the popular tailgate step ($375), a tailgate extender ($250), or a spray-in bedliner ($475), adding these few items and you are up to an even $55,000.  Money well spent considering the usefulness of these add-ons.

If size matters, the Super Crew cab is extra large.  The interior of the truck is absolutely beautiful and surprisingly comfortable for a truck.  Front seats are heated and cooled leather with a dual zone climate control.  Rear seats are 60/40 split and also come with heating/cooling on the Limited edition.  Seats are power adjustable, in fact, there are about 10 different positions for the driver to choose from.  The steering wheel has power-tilting and telescoping functions.  The power sunroof is a nice accommodation as well.   I must add that I have not seen a truck with nicer ambience interior lighting.

If you want a coat of White Platinum Metallic paint as pictured here, it is listed as an option on the Limited edition.  Easy to keep clean, this is one paint job that is worth the extra $595.  Running errands with the kids was easy too, the Super Crew has four full size doors, nicer than the swing-out doors on the Super Cab version.  My personal favorite accessory was the powered running boards that unfold as the truck doors are opened.

The Super Crew Limited features a 5.5 foot bed, and as is true with all the F-150 series, it uses a independent front suspension with a stick axle and leaf springs at the rear.  If you have the V-6 engine, steering is handled by a communicative electrically assisted rack and pinion setup.  All you ‘soccer moms’ out there got that?  This is basically talking about a more sophisticated system.  The electric steering is easier to package and install versus the hydraulic power steering and proves more economical to run as well.  The V-8 engines still have the slightly older hydraulic system.  And while I am talking to ‘soccer moms,’ don’t forget the Ford F-150 series have the SecuriCode driver’s keypad for locking and unlocking the truck, pretty convenient…. remember “if mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy…..”

So how does the Ford F-150 4×4 Super Crew drive?  It’s big… feel like the King of the Road, but with big comes poor gas mileage.  The Ford Super Crew fuel estimates were that of 14.8 mpg city and 18 mpg highway.  Remember though, this is a country limousine and the comfort level in my opinion is well worth the little extra in gas.  I found the handling of the truck to be stable and smooth for such a large truck.  Surprisingly there were no rattles as I drove down bumpy back roads.

Last but not least, safety….The Ford F-150 comes with traction and stability control, ABS, airbags and side curtain airbags for front and backseat passengers.  For a pickup truck the F-150 scored well in government crash tests as well as the independent insurance institute for Highway Safety.

Should there be other contenders that you consider when purchasing a pickup truck? Sure, I suggest checking them out, but with all of the options that you get from Ford, why would you?  It is no wonder that statistics prove Ford to be the number one truck sold in America!




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