Lexus RC F Will Turn Heads

lexus rcf bestThe first day I had the Lexus RC-F went like this…… I drop my daughter off at her piano lesson and circle around.  She takes lessons at an older church in town that has a gravel lot.  I proceed (as I do every week) to turn  around in said parking lot which makes a loop around and behind the church.  As soon as I am on the street I cannot help but notice the red and blue flashing lights in the rearview mirror.  I pull over and the conversation goes like this…..

Police Officer:  License and Insurance

Me:  May I ask what I did?

Police Officer:  M’hmmm, it seems you decided to do a little off-roading back there at the church.

Me:  (Giving him my most serious, “Are you kidding me?” look.  REALLY?! Regaining respect I repeated him) Off-roading?!  In a Lexus RC F?  At the church?

Police Officer:  Yes ma’am.

Me:  You realize the whole parking lot then would be considered “Off-road?” I’m here each week as my daughter takes piano lessons at the church.  And I would never “Off-road” in a Lexus RC F sir.

Police Officer:  You are not here each week; not in this car.

Me:  Oh, the car.  Yes, I am an automotive journalist.  I have a different vehicle to test drive each week.  I am here each week and I will be back next week albeit in a different car.  Is it just the car?

Police Officer:  Yes ma’am.

Me:  Here have a look.

Police Officer proceeds to look the car over, tells me to have a nice day, and then dismisses me.  No ticket.  No drama.  Just admiration.

As journalist we may take for granted from time to time the nice rides we find ourselves in.  It is definitely the police officers that keep us grounded.

So, obviously I am here to tell you the Lexus RC F is a head turner.  It is comfortable, quiet, luxurious, and sporty.

Lexus has earned a reputation of being reliable, but to be all these other things too?  #icingonthecake

The front end is long and lean.  The back featuring the quad tailpipes.  The car is flawless enough but put the  ‘Ultrasonic Blue Mica’ paint job on it and it is stunning.

The seats are snug but comfortable.  The seat is what Lexus refers to as a “Race Ready Cockpit,” allowing the driver and the RC F to truly connect.  The gauge cluster is a full color display that is track inspired and will leave you ready to race with handy, easy to read data.  The in-dash display also allows you to view incoming calls, song titles and more.  Standard on the RC F is Lexus’ Enform Service Connect which offers remote access to information about your vehicle’s status and maintenance needs.  To help you stay focused on the road, Lexus intuitively placed controls at your fingertips.  Among them:  audio, voice activation, multi-information display and cruise control.  The Steering Wheel Mounted Controls are standard as well.

My favorite standard feature is the dual-zone automatic climate control, not only can you customize the climate around you but to ensure that the cabin air stays fresh, there is a smog-sensing climate control system that automatically switches into recirculation mode if it senses high levels of pollutants outside.  A close second for me would be the Ambient Lighting.  The interior brightens or dims base on whether the vehicle is moving or parked.

lexus rcf inside

The Lexus RC F has a Mark Levinson package that is available and provides a Premium Surround Sound Audio System.

Included in the Premium or Performance Package are heated and ventilated front seats as well as Lexus Memory System.  The front seats offer separate heaters and fans in the seat cushions regardless of the weather. The Memory System recalls personalized settings for the driver’s seat, outside mirrors and steering wheel position.

The Lexus RC F delivers 467 hp by the naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V-8 engine.  It’s quite impressive.  It reaches 0-60 in 4.4 seconds, has a top track speed of 168 mph and receives 25 mpg on the highway.

The engine has lightweight titanium valves that are paired with high-strength, forged connecting rods, it is Lexus’ most powerful V-8.

lexus rcf inside lexus rc f engine

Drive Mode Select has a Sport S mode that alters the powertrain for more dynamic throttle response while Sport S+ modifies the Adaptive Variable Suspension to help provide a higher level of responsiveness.  Normal mode provides the optimal balance of fuel efficiency and engine performance.  Last, ECO mode moderates the throttle response, engine power output and climate settings for increased fuel efficiency. The Drive Mode Select is standard on the RC F.

The Lexus RC F has a host of safety features.  There are Rain-Sensing Wipers that have a mist cycle and de-icer to provide optimal visibility plus a rear window defogger with auto-off timer.  The available Pre-Collision System is engineered to detect vehicles in the path of the Lexus.  If a frontal collision is imminent, the car is designed to automatically prepare Brake Assist for increased braking response.  There are 8 standard airbags.


The Lexus RC F is priced around $63,500.  No extra charge for Police officers who want to take a look.

lexus rcf  back

by Tabatha Moran Chovanetz


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