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Rylee Fine Arts Cross 2013Art is my hobby.  I love the whole concept of creating something new, something different, something that you cannot buy just anywhere.  I enjoy being able to recycle or repurpose things too.

A couple of years ago my dad taught me how to weld.  My dad has an auto repair shop.  Soon my love for art and the car world would become one.

My grandfather started Mastercraft Bodyworks, Inc back in the mid-seventies.  He and my dad share my love of creating new things or seeing old things brought to life again.  They are great at what they do, repairing and restoring cars of all types.  My future in the car world may not be certain but one thing that is- the sheer joy that I experience when I am able to throw some things together and make something out of nothing.  I recycle car parts that are replaced and no longer needed.

The creation of the cross in the above picture came about when my dad brought home a bucket full of parts, laid them out on a table, and told me to “Go for it.”

I entered this piece in the North Texas Assembly of God Fine Arts competition that is held annually.  I won first place for the North Texas District.  For this piece I used a cam shaft, a pinion gear, a brake rotor, and two all-threads.  The piece then traveled to Nationals in Orlando, Florida.

Rylee's Fine arts cross 2014


The second piece (also pictured) is what I like to call “Junk Art.”  I cut out a cross shape on one piece of wood and used different types of metals in the background to a create a 3D look.  If you look closely you can see a spoon, wire mesh, old license plates, and even part of a soda can.   This piece just recently came back from Nationals which was held in Columbus, Ohio this past July/August.

If you would like more information or you would like to commission me for a certain piece, feel free to use the comment section here to contact me.

by:  Rylee Chovanetz

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