The Game of Life, One Race at a Time~ an Interview with Joe Gibbs

Joe Gibbs_Norm Miller

When I asked Joe Gibbs about his motto for life he simply said, “Life is a game and none of us wants to lose in the biggest game of all. God is our head coach, so stay close to him.” This is why you love Joe Gibbs. It is rare to hear his kind of honesty today. He is a class act guy who truly gets the ‘big picture.’


When you take a look at Joe’s life and what he has accomplished you would have to agree that he is doing something right. Joe has three SuperBowl Championships and three Nascar Cup Series Championships under his belt. He says at this point in his life his hands are full with family and racing; In that order. He has nothing on his personal “bucket list” to speak of except his grandchildren. Joe says his grandkids range in age from 8-17 and his main focus is to invest in their lives. Occupationally speaking he does have a love for racing and hopes to continue on as long as he can. He also has a love for his friendship with Norm Miller.

Norm is Chairiman of Interstate Batteries, Inc. He too is known for his Christian business ethics. Joe said that he and Norm have shared their faith and friendship for the past 24 years. It was a privilege and pleasure to watch the two of them interact; they could actually have their own comedy show.

Joe loves to tell the story of how Norm took a chance on him. He had no race shop, no driver and Norm took a chance on helping him build his race team. Joe says it is his job to pick the drivers and keep the sponsors happy. It looks like Joe has succeeded on both accounts. Kyle Busch is one of four point leaders going into the race this Sunday in Miami. Mars, Inc. extended their contract with Joe Gibbs Racing and is currently considered to be one of the longest standing partnerships in Nascar.

Joe’s latest venture with Norm? The ‘Driving for Good’ campaign. Joe says it was Norm’s idea to have a fleet of street-legal Camrys wrapped in the familiar Nascar Interstate Batteries #18 green and white striped paint scheme to go out and give back to the community.


Interstate Batteries spokesperson said, the “‘Driving for Good’ campaign is a nationwide initiative that gives back to communities in need by delivering food to the elderly, supporting local school activities and sports teams, performing roadside rescues, and more.” They encourage you that if you have an idea for an organization that is in need to please tweet them @InterstateBatts using #DrivingForGood

Whether Joe is speeding to the race track (and yes I asked, he said he has had his share of speeding tickets) or hurrying home to his grandchildren, he has no intentions of slowing down. His plan is to get thru life “One race at a time.”

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